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Bob Daisley Q&A

Questions are in bold, and answers in Italics. A big thanks to Bob for doing this.

FlightOfTheRat asked: When doing the Living Loud album how did you guys
decide on the songs to record? How many songs did you guys practise that
didnt actually make it on the album?

The time we had didn't allow for any "throwaways" so all the songs we had went on the record. If we'd thought that any of them were inferior though, they wouldn't have made it on to the record..

Other than Living Loud, what projects do you have coming up?

I've been asked to play on the next Gary Moore album but I'm waiting to hear when that will be, hopefully by the end of this year. Also there's a strong possibility that Jon Lord with The Hoochie Coochie Men will tour Europe in October/November but it's yet to be locked in. There'll hopefully be some writing sessions for the next Living Loud album this year too. Last month I did a reunion show at The Basement in Sydney with my old band from way back called Kahvas Jute, a true old favourite of mine. The show was filmed so there'll be a live DVD and remastered 1971 album package to be released later in the year or early next year.

When Ozzy re-recorded your parts of those albums did you know he was going
to do that, or did it come as a complete surprise when it was released?

That was a surprise and not a pleasant one but really Lee and I expected the O$bournes to do something to us because we were suing them but we didn't expect it to be something that would affect the memory of Randy or insult the fans.

mikesmfc asked:
Hi Bob thanks for your time

First of all i'd like to say i'm really impressed with the Living Loud

(a) I was wondering will Living Loud ever come to the U.K and tour? If so
make sure and come to Scotland.

If L.L. comes to the U.K. I'm sure we'll do the rounds, including Scotland and I'm sure we all would love to tour there

(b)I heard there is going to be a 2nd living Loud album I was wondering if
there is going to be anymore Ozzy songs on it?

I don't think we'll do any more songs other than newly written ones. Of course if the first album took off and we were asked to do more, we might then but we're not planning to.

(c) What do you make of the current line up of Deep Purple?

A: I think that Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore were such a big part of the old Deep Purple sound that it's hard to replace them but Steve Morse and Don Airey add a fresh new dimension to the band. Fans still like to hear the old classics and they're all doind a good job of delivering.

(d) I don't know if you will be able to answer this one but how come in the
Living Loud CD booklet there is no lyrics for "Walk Away"

Because the Record Co. fucked up, simple as that. You can tell them a hundred times and do numerous corrections but it's nothing new to have mistakes on album sleeves.

(e) How come Don Airey's name isn't on the front cover of the Living Loud

Don requested it that way because he'd just joined Deep Purple and didn't want to seem like he was in another band straight away but when the live DVD came out, he was included on the front.

Namnikufecin asked:
Hi Bob
You´re one of my all time favoutite musician, without a doubt. Keep up the
good work!

1. You´ve been in a lot of sessions and a lot of bands during the years,
what band (or session) that you have NOT been involved in would you most
want to have been/be in?
(An english teacher anyone?)

I have always admired the work of Jeff Beck since way back in The Yardbirds days, so I'd have to say anything that included Jeff.

2. Of all career desicions/bands and sessions involvement, is there anyone
you regret having made/been involved in?

Not really, even the ones that aren't that memorable have served a purpose as if you're philosophical about these things, which I am, nothing happens for no reason.

3. What is your main instrument and the history of it?

Instruments vary with me, depending on the situation and need for different sounds. The bass I used on the Living Loud recording both live and studio is a 1963 Fender Precision finished in Olympic White, a bass I bought from a friend in San Francisco in 1995. I collect vintage instruments and you can see a lot of them on my website with notes of their history.

What is "the best" (musically or personell wise) line-up you´ve been in?

There have been so many enjoyable line-ups that Ive been involved in and for various reasons that it's difficult to answer that one. The Rainbow line-up that I was in was often referred to as "The Classic Line-Up" and the original Blizzard of Ozz was a "One Off" too.

FlightOfTheRat asked:
How did you decide on Steve Morse, Don Airey and Jimmy Barnes for Living

I did a few shows with Jon Lord with my blues band The Hoochie Coochie Men here in Oz and Jimmy got up and sang with us at a couple of them. After the show in Sydney at The Basement, the promoter, Drew Thompson suggested we all do something together and do an album. Steve Morse was mentioned as he was working with Jon at the time. The keyboard parts were originally to be shared between Don and Jon but as it turned out, Jon wasn't available when it came time to record so Don did all the keyboard parts.

Were their any other names that were considered for the project?

Originally it was going to be just a project with various guests on board like Gary Moore, Brian May, Ronnie Dio and Jon Lord etc. but when we all started working together it sounded too much like a band to change anything so we kept it as a band line-up.

Kinski asked:
Hey Bob!

It's really cool that you're sparing time to answer these questions.

My two questions relate to your time spent in Rainbow. LONG LIVE ROCK'n'
ROLL is my favorite Rainbow album.

a)Do you remember which songs feature you on bass? There has been, at times,
different stories regarding this.

Some of the bass parts had been recorded by Ritchie before I joined but the ones I recorded are "Gates of Babylon", "Sensitive to Light" and "Kill the King". There might be one other but I can't remember clearly

b)Also, it's been said that you actually wrote some of the material on
LLRnR. Is this true? And if so why did you not get credit?

Not me but David Stone wrote the intro and big middle section to "Gates of Babylon" and was paid off for it without getting credit.

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Re: Bob Daisley's answers.

Cool thanks for that Brad and also thanks to Bob

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