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Burn (Kerrang 1981)

My hero from DPAS Simon Robinson have back
in 1981 a lp guide to all Deep Purple albums.

Burn (purple tps 3505 february 1974)

Showed a marked change in direction, leaning
more towards a blues based rock at times,with
Ritchie finally getting the Paul Rodgers
vocal sound he had been after so long from
Coverdale,who showed a lot of promise,"Sail
Away" was the epitomy of what the group were
after,a marvellous emotional track with good
vocals,and some excellent syntheised guitar.
"You Fool No One" was another adventurous
track with duel vocals from David and Glenn.
"Mistreated" cost Coverdale sleepless night,
but paled beside the live versions which were
to follow on the English and American tours.
The album's weakest number is the instrumen-
tal "A 200" sounding like an ELP left-over,
and rescued only by one of Ritchie's most
explosive guitar solos to date.
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Re: Burn (Kerrang 1981)

I know the story,didn't he collaborate with someone on that??
Since you have it handy,why not give us his take on Fireball,I believe it was positive as asual for him and that album.
Nice picture layout of the covers as well.
Those were the days my friend! emoticon
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