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Registered: 09-2003
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This is the "other" archive

Old non-purple related threads will be moved to this place, in order to make both archives easier to navigate and save space for both(non-purple is quite busy here as well, you know!emoticon).
You can have a look around this place and maybe post a (late but good) comment on one of the threads that are here. If so, it will probably moved back to it´s respective section for some time.


Don´t post new threads!

That´s the sense of this section. Old threads are moved here in order not to be deleted at the point they drop out.
If you post a thread in this section it will be deleted no matter how interesting it might be.

So just look through the threads, and possibly don´t post at all. You´d save me a lot of work then!emoticon
13/1/2004, 23:55 Link to this post  

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