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DVD release

Is there any prospect of a video/DVD release covering the Stranger In Us All line-up(s)?

It would be great to have the Rockpalast footage and any promos in DVD format!

How many promos were shot? The only ones I'm aware of are Ariel and Hunting Humans.

Were any other shows professionally filmed?

Bring back The Opening Salvo!
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Re: DVD release

We had video footage from:
Tokyo Yoyogi Hall
Buenos Aires
LA Billboard Live (Key Club)

EPK (electronic press kit)This was then cut to produce the HH video. Of course Ariel was chosen as the first and only single. Never quite understood that myself.

I would doubt if there was ever an official release of any of this. I only saw the video for HH about 2 months ago. I did not even know it existed.
I want to see a video of the acoustic set in the tent from Ballingen./
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