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Registered: 09-2003
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Solo album?

There was a rumour some years back that you were writing/demoing tracks for a potential solo album with heavier songs in a slightly more modern, alternative vibe using old friends like Alex Dickson etc.

How far did you get with that and would you consider picking it up again and seeing the album to completion now that your name has more exposure what with the Yngwie and Cornerstone connection?
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Vocalist Par Excellance!

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Re: Solo album?

Hi Man,
I have 12 songs recorded but not completed for the solo album. I got caught up in Cornerstone and Yngwie then Liesegang/White.

Yup the songs were in a more modern style but that was 6 years ago. Audio Slave and Velvet Revolver seem to have covered most of that now. And I know you think I am kidding.
But I am not.

I might stick a couple of early demos on the site just so you can hear where it was going.
I am not sure what to do with it now. Too much pain for too little gain and a shed load of cash.
Had Alex Dickson and Ashley Limer on guitar, Neil Murray and Gary Liederman on bass plus Benji Reid on drums.

Was sounding good but !@#$ gets in the way blah blah blah
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