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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Submit a registration application to the board administration, filling in all required & neccesary information. Your application will be reviewed and either aproved or denied as soon as possible. It´s comlicated, yes. But worth a try, isn´t it?emoticon
 As of April 2008 we started having quite a lot of duplicate and/or 'fake' registrants 'trolling' & causing general mayhem to the forum. Because of the recently implemented security updates to the DPFF in March of 2008, you will have 7 days after your registration application being approved to begin posting (an introduction about who you are in the "Feedback" section's "Member Introduction(s)" sticky topic seems a good place to start - just a suggestion, post in whatever topic interests you most). User accounts with no posts within 7-10 days after registration will be deleted.
 It's also requested that if the posting history for your account on the DPFF is 'hidden' or marked as 'private', that you go to your Control Panel options & make it available for public viewing.
 We regret having to resort to these measures, but we have to keep our member list 'clean' and at manageable levels.
 The options are set that you only become a member when you´ve posted at least once. So don´t be surprised if you can´t vote in a poll if you´ve only read before and didn´t post anything(see below for more info on that).
How can I make a poll?

Polls can only be made when you post a new topic. When you scroll down to the bottom of your post body when you´re make your new topic, you see a hyper link that reads "Show poll options". Click it and everything you´ll need will appear. If the box "only board members can vote" is ticked, everyone must have posted at least once to vote in a poll. Keep "results viewable without vouching" ticked so people can see the results without having to vote themselves. But possibly you´ll get better results if you un-tick it so people won´t go with the majority.
Always keep "results viewable after vouching ticked".
You can choose Max selectable items from 1 to 10(but can fill in all boxes).

How can I get rid of the reply notifications?

Go to "control panel", from there to "change miscellanous settings" and untick the box that reads "Pre-check the Notification box".
If you´ve posted before or once clicked the button that appears above threads that reads "subscribe to this topic", you´ll still get the notifiactions from those topics you´ve subscribed to or where you get replies before you un-ticked the "Pre-check the Notification box" box. When you get such a reply go to the link in the e-mail that reads:"to unsubcribe from further notifications from this topic click this link". But don´t click it! For some reason not the whole link appears blue. Copy the entire link into your browsers adress bar and hit return and you´re unsubscribed from that topic. Do what with all mails you get and you´ll see they won´t come again after some time.

How can I place an image in my post?

1. Your picture has to be online you can´t link to your desktop!
2. You have to take the url of the picture itself not the site where the picture appears on. It has to end with something like jpg,etc. the description of the file) and not url.
3. Once you got the link to the picture push the button on the top your messeage body that reads "insert image" and insert the entire link there and click "okay"(you can preview your post if it will appear). It can take some time before the pics appear sometimes, but usally they do.
You can do it manually as well by just inserting the link and putting the image tags around it("[img/]" at the end and "[img]" before the link).
4. The forum won´t convert images that come from certain sites that have copyright protection("geocites" should belong to them).

How to use that smilies stuff?

Just click them above(the left ones will be attached to your thread the right ones will be added into your post). When you find a site where you can get more smilies and want to add them to your post just do it like with the images(see above).

How can I switch off the profanity filter? or how to write "Bruce Dickinson" the way he deserves to be written?

Main page/Control Panel/Change Miscellaneous Settings/Override board profanity filter

Options are :-

Follow board settings
Always on
Always off

I´ll update this and add more to it regulary. If you´ve got some more questions about the forum and how it works, send any of the administrators a pm.


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