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God, I've co-written an epic (i think)

This morning I was sitting in the music suite at school with Scott (or Skott as he preffers to be called)(my band's guitarist), dicking around with our banjoes, and then it just happened.

It started with just repeated strumming of e-minor, chuckin in an ocassional fill. I don't kniw how to decribe it but it has a cowboy feel to it. Then we put in a minute long guitar solo, before heading back to the Em chord. Then (while still playing) Scott told me to play a bit heavier, and do a E,G,A riff thing. Just on the spot i put together this riff, unfortuantley my instinct made me play soething that sounds exactly the same as for 'whom the bell tolls', but that's now fixed. Then there is heavier guitar solo before the song eases back into its cowboy thing. Then in something I did not see coming Scott started playing this medevial sounding solo fills over the chord progression, and man it sounded AWESOME (like Blackmore's Night but cooler). This goes on for 'bout two minutes, and then we trade short medevial solo fills for another couple of minutes, before the song slows right down to a beautiful close.

This happened all in a first jam, and the song has now been refined to a more solid status.

What we need is a title (I'm thinking 'Lone ...' or 'Medevial...'), and a vocalist to deliver some deep meaning ful lyrics (CIT style).
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Re: God, I've co-written an epic (i think)

E, G, A comprises the i-III-IV chords of the Phrygian mode, so it would make sense to me that the "medevial" would fit very well in there.

Those notes would also be the i-III-IV in E minor as well, so you're covered in either context. If you bring the F# down to an F natural and play it as a II chord, then you have to commit to Phrygian mode.

Very interesting. Glad you shared. Keep working on it, and think about bridges with other chord progression variances such as VII, V, and II.

John O'Flaherty

"Don't take the pictures lightly, listen to their sound; for from their colored feeling, experience is found." -Mk I Deep Purple (circa 1968)
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