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Hammond Organ Drawbar Registrations/ Perc/ Vib-Chs

Anybody who plays Deep Purple songs on a Hammond, or Hammond clone keyboard care to share their favorite drawbar settings for the various songs?

I'm pretty sure that LAZY off of "Made in Japan" used an 888/840/000, but I could be wrong.

HUSH may be 888/000/023, but again, I'm not 100% sure. That's why I thought it might be nice if others could share.

Was Jon Lord more apt to use 2nd or 3rd harmonic percussion on his Hammond? I think I mainly hear him using 3rd, but does anyone know of notable exceptions? One might be in the 1969 Concerto. Some of those organ lines sounded 2nd harmonic-ish to me.

Also, what about chorus-vibrato settings on the organ. I once read in an interview that Jon Lord only used C1 and never used C3, as he felt it created too much chorus effect.
That's funny, because throughout Shades of Deep Purple, I swear that shimmering quality to the organ could have been achieved through no other way than the full level-3 chorus setting. What do you think?

John O'Flaherty
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