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Have to give him credit

All through the 1970's, when he released a Classical Album, it seems supposedly "cultured" musical folks would look down their noses at him as if to say "stay in your hard rock place and leave the serious music to us more educated and talented folks". Well, it appeas Jon is now a classical artist to be taken seriousely and has outclassed most of those stuck up folks. He is (Musically) one of the greatest, if not the greatest Rock musicians of all time (IMHO).
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Re: Have to give him credit

Well crap!! You get no argument from me.

That's what I've been trying to preach for the past 20 years...and nobody who is brainwashed by popular culture in the U.S. will listen to me.

People continue to by readily influenced by either huge icons that spoke to the masses in terms of style, but never really got beneath the surface in terms of raw musical genius......or they are influenced by trendy, sexy, pre-packaged corporate music puppets, who are here today and gone tomorrow.

Jon Lord has never subscribed to either....he has moved to the beat of his own style, reinvented how a musical instrument is to be played, and fortunately at least some people in the world have noticed....just unfortunately it's none of the ones who drive by my apartment. emoticon

John O'Flaherty

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails." --Unknown
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