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Re: Hichhiker's Guide - April 29th


David Meadows wrote:


Milan Fahrnholz wrote:


RitchiesHair wrote:
Oh, Milan, it was actually a radio series first. emoticon

Is that true? I got the books when they were just new(1994 or so),

Maybe new in Germany emoticon

My books are dated '79, '80, '82 and '84 (I don't seem to have the fifth book in the trilogy, somebody must have borrowed it). The radio series was first broadcast 1978. The TV series was 1981, as RH said.

Ah, now it all make sense again. For some reason I don´t have my books handy now, but I kinda knew it didn´t make sense that they were new at the time. It sometimes gets confusing as the publishing date of that particular edition is printed on the top and big and the original copyright is somewhere on the bottom very small.

Anyway, I´ve never heard the series and most people I joke with about this also have only read the books so it somehow always has worked out for me. emoticon

And if people who have read and liked the books like this film I think I should enjoy it too. emoticon
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