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Making A WS Compilation For My Mate

I recently went to Scarbourough with a few of my close friends to the National Student Drama Festival, which was a laugh and on the 4 hour car journey I put on my Best Of Whitesnake album which one of my mate really liked and asked if I'd copy it for him, but as it was his birthday the other day I thought I'd make him up a kool 2 CD compilation and I've listed what I want on them.

Any thoughts on anything I've missed??


Fool For Your Loving
Too Many Tears
Long Way From Home
Don't Break My Heart Again
Now You're Gone
Don't Lie To Me
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
Slow An' Easy (live) (Company Of Snakes)
Here I Go Again (S&S vsn)
Love Ain't No Stranger
Waiting On You
Sweet Mistreater
Soldier Of Fortune (live) (from Starkers)


Still Of The Night
Ready An' Willing
Can't Go Back (Company Of Snakes)
Sailing Ships
Would I Lie To You
Love Is Blind
Lie Down
Is This Love
Crying In The Rain
Shake My Tree
Hole In The Sky
Love Hunter
Give Me More Time
Sweet Lady Luck

Good track list? Baring in mind he was liking the 1987 hair metal stuff quite a bit.
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