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Burning Rain, A Pleasure To Burn mini review

Although fairly unimpressed by Doug Aldrich's performance with Whitesnake in May I picked this one up about a month ago and have been giving it a few spins the last couple of days. All in all, it is a very enjoyable disc in the 1987 Hairsnake mould by Aldrich and his boys (including a great singer whose name I can't recall at the moment, doh! emoticon), perhaps done a little bit more tastefully and in a bluesier manner than the aforementioned album. Doug cerainly puts some great Sykesish/Schenkerish bits in his solos but what surprised me even more was that some of the songs were really, really good. The opener Fireball, Love Emotion (reminds me a bit of Lynch Mob this one actually), Cherie Don't Break My Heart (naff title but awesome tune this one with the singer doing his best Coverdale impression over a melodic mid tempo backing) could give a lot of recent Whitesnake material a good run for their money. Thus, I can recommend this one to Slide It In/1987 fans wholeheartedly, you could do much worse than picking this one up. Moreover, I'd be very curious to see what the outcomes of a Coverdale/Aldrich collaboration would sound like in the studio, despite my criticisms of the latter (that Dio CD he's on is duller than watching the paint dry...), I really think they could come up with some quality stuff, based on the evidence of this at least.
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