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Re: Speech, ceremony,...

Who really came out in a very positive way from this were Steve Morse, who showed class in an unenviable position, and Lars Ulrich, who delivered a great speech.
The rest? Oh, well...too much friction that was apparent - the main guy not at the ceremony, another two inductees sitting at the table during the so-called 'Smoke on the Water jam where everybody is invited to join', the speeches short and on average not inspiring (DC in particular, thanking lawyers, accountants...of Whitesnake!). All in all nothing really great - thankfully the longest bit was Lars' speech, and I can't thank him enough for that contribution.
Ritchie came away with the confirmation that he was the main personality in the band (not only the speeches, but listen to the questions from the media afterwards), but it's a sad consolation when the friction with the band is such that you can't even get on that stage to collect your award.
The other great winner is us, because at least they are in the HOF - as little as it may mean, it was still disrespectful to the band as well as to us that they were not inducted.
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