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3 Questions - Studio material? “Speed King”? “Demon’s Eye” live?

Hi -

Does anyone know of any good unofficially-released factory-pressed silver original CD titles that have studio material (rarities, outtakes, demos, alt. versions, remixes, etc.) of Deep Purple, esp. the Mark II lineup, other than the 1CD “Never, Never Before” (Starquake label – SQ-01), which is pretty much the only one I already have so far, and which I personally have found to be rather excellent, and the 1CD “Purplemania!” (Burning Machine Heads label)?

Also, does anybody know of any decent versions of “Speed King”, either live or studio, other than the officially-released versions, that feature the Jon Lord organ solo as part of the intro at the start of the song (before the vocals start)? Or are the officially-released versions the only ones that exist?

Finally, from which particular show does the live version of “Demon’s Eye” (approx. 9:05 long) on the officially-released Deep Purple 1CD “New, Live, & Rare – Volume 2” come from? I need to know since I’m looking for other live versions of “Demon’s Eye” on unofficially-released CD titles and don’t want to end up with any duplicate(s) of the one on Vol. 2 of the “New, Live, & Rare” 1CD. And does anyone know of any other decent live versions of “Demon’s Eye” on CD that aren’t too hard to track down? I sure wish I could find out where they are out there.

Please let me know – it’ll be greatly well-appreciated. Thanks very much.

PS – I also already have the 2CD called “Rarities” (Forever Standard Series label), but it seems to have much more live stuff rather than studio material. In fact, ALL of it seems to be live.
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