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Rainbow Vinyl

Hey guys,

I' found a record, not quite sure what it is. It's a vinyl record of Rainbow. I guess it's a recording of a Live concert in Australia. I'll explain down under. Vinyl looks like its been played a few times, but there is very little wear. The cover on the other hand has a lot of wear. This is a promotional LP as shown on the sticker on the cover. (watch for pictures on:


Side one (not indicated on the label)

Still I'm Sad
Do You Close Your Eyes

Side two (also not indicated on the label)

(Again) Still I'm Sad

Between and during the songs there are a lot of guitar- and vocal- and drum solo's. The end of side two even ends with what sounds like a brass-section, but I guess it is a tape being played.

It sounds like it's been recorded with one microphone in the audience as you can hear the audience applaud very close.

On the label it says "Monique D'ozo, Je taime." Which brought me to this website:

Although (as far I can see) it's not included in the TAKTL-discography…

I can only find one release of Rainbow on the TAKRL-label and that is "Live in Australia" released on 22/11/76.

Let me know if you're interested!

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