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Re: Live at Montreux 2011


eiricd wrote:


fdr wrote:

The other day Paicey played in Italy and said that Verona will be out on dvd towards the end of 2012 (I was there!). He also said the new album is almost finished apart from Gillan vocals: he can't be bothered at the moment to work on it. Most important of all, he confirmed that Lord is doing better and Hughes said the same thing a couple of weeks ago when he played in Italy.
As for the Montreux gig, it's good but I can't stand the orchestra, I think they add something only during the solo spots.

thanks for the news!

great new about Verona! great news all around I would say emoticon
so a new album is closer than we might think

I would have preferred to hear that Don's or Steve's parts are missing. The fact that Big Ian might be so disintested in writing a few lyrics is in a way disheartening.
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