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Re: Where's Ed?


Gillans micstand wrote:

a)The topic:
Where's Ed?

b)Exactly what part of that don't you understand,don't you know your name when you see it????? emoticon

c)Please elaborate,atleast to keep thing's all about yourself. emoticon

a)Uh, yeah...that's the title of the thread, thus it's likely to be the topic, also. But thanks for pointing out the obvious. emoticon

b)The part(s) I don't understand is your need to point out the obvious, and failure to comprehend a simple question, in at least three different ways on your part before asking a rejoining question. emoticon

c)MicStand (comedic foil):"The topic rang a bell. emoticon "
 MrEd(comedic genius):"Oh, is THAT what you're calling it these days?" emoticon

Now that we've established that at least I know what I'm talking about, read it as many times as you need, and who knows, given enough time, maybe you'll get it, too! emoticon (Refer to back to MrEd45's answers, subheaded a) + b) for assistance and/or reference. emoticon

" Those who can - do. Those who can't do - teach. Those who can't do or teach - administrate."
- Anon.

" One that will not reason is a bigot. One that cannot reason is an ignoramus. One that dares not reason is a slave." - Anon
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