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Doogie and Chris Glen

Chris Glen and The Outfit played the Oran Mor in Glasgow last night. Chris is the ex-Sensational Alex Harvey Band/MSG bass player and is organising a gig every month at this venue. Last night the guest vocalist was Doogie White. I only heard about the gig at short notice, so got approval from the management [wife emoticon] and headed to the gig.

First on the bill were Tokyo who played a set of Frankie Miller songs. Second were Logan, who are a popular local band. Their style is kind of melodic grunge, and have got an excellent singer (very Eddie Vedder-ish) and are all good musicians (brilliant drummer). They went down well and seem to have a good support base.

Chris Glen and The Outfit closed the show. Apart from Chris I didn't recognise any of the instrumentalists, but they were a tight band. Max Maxwell, who replaced Alex Harvey when SAHB reformed), sang some SAHB songs. He's a very charismatic and funny frontman and made me want to check out some more SAHB stuff (I was never a big fan).

Doogie came on after Max (a hard act to follow) and kicked off with SAHB's Buff's Bar Blues. I'd had a wee chat with Doogie in the bar before the gig and he said that he'd only had half an hour rehearsal with the band due to a late flight! For Buff's Bar Blues he had to read the lyrics off a sheet, but still put in a good performance. Next was a great rendition of Black Night, and it was obvious Doogie was enjoying himself! Tush was next, followed by MSG's Armed and Ready which was really excellent - the whole band sounded great on this. Black Masquerade followed and this was where the lack of rehearsal showed. Chris said that they hadn't had time to rehearse this one, and it didn't start off well with a few bum notes and missed cues. It picked up towards the middle and was nice to hear it played, but it might have been better for them to choose a more straightfoward Rainbow song. Then Max Maxwell came back on (still with Doogie onstage) and played storming versions of Boston Tea Party and Delilah.

All in all a great night. The next "Outfit" gig is on 26th May. Not sure if Doogie will be at this one, but I'm sure it'll be a good gig anyway.

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