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Re: Disappointed


DouglasT wrote:
On "Chasing shadows" it's no less than Dwoogie White ( Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Cornerstone) who is the vocalist. The exact right choice for Rolf Munkes, as the songs are all very much Doogie White's style. More than once Cornerstone influences are perceptible but because of Munkes guitarstyle it's still typical Empire.

Who is this Dwoogie?

Anyway, not only Cornerstone influences, I hear some Sabbath and some Whitesnake in it as well. Please don't ask for the songs, as I don't know them by name.....yet.

DouglasT wrote:
I think it's unnecessary to use any more superlatives. It simply is the perfect release for fans in this genre and that's why "Chasing shadows" will be on top of my 2007 list. A compulsary buy from November 23rd.

Indeed a very good one, congrats on that. I'm going to buy it when you play near my place...that is, if MrsSnap hasn't ventilated the credit card before...

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