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Listing of Satriani's Live Performances with Deep Purple

Joe Satriani's Live Dates & Venues w/Deep Purple:

12/2/93 Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, Japan
*12/3/93 Jyo Hall, Osaka, Japan
*12/5/93 Bunka, Yokohama, Japan
12/6/93 Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
12/7/93 Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
12/8/93 Yoyogi Olympic Hall, Tokyo, Japan
 6/3/94 Berlin Waldbuhne, Germany
*6/4/94 Festpladsen GL, Esbjerg, Denmark
 6/5/94 Eissporthalle, Halle, Germany
 6/7/94 Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany
Support: Uriah Heep
 6/8/94 Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany
Support: Uriah Heep
*6/10/94 Karlshamn Bellevueparken, Sweden
"Sommarfestivalen"(The summer fesival)Other bands: Sweet,Mountain, Uriah Heep
*6/11/94 Excersisheden,Heden All Star Festival,(resceduled from Scandinavium Hockey Hall), Gothenberg, Sweden
Support: Uriah Heep, Steffan Andersson
 6/13/94 Stadthalle, Bielefeld, Germany
Support: Uriah Heep
 6/14/94 Eissporthalle,Kassel,Germany
Support: Uriah Heep
 6/15/94 Nibelungenhalle, Passau, Germany
Support: Uriah Heep
 6/16/94 Saarlandhalle, Saarbrucken, Germany Support: Uriah Heep
*6/17/94 Kunsteisstadion, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany Support: Uriah Heep
 6/18/94 Gent Flanders Expo,Gent,Belgium
Support: Uriah Heep
 6/19/94 Schwabenhalle, Augsburg, Germany
Support: Uriah Heep
 6/21/94 Lonigo Speedway Arena,Vicenza, Italy
*6/22/94 Palasport, Genova, Italy
 6/24/94 Brabanthallen,Den Bosch,Holland
Support: Uriah Heep
 6/25/94 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Festival, Flugplatz Wildenrath, Wegberg, Germany Other bands: Steppenwolf, Bonnie Tyler, Andrew Strong
*6/26/94 St. Gallen, Switzerland
Other bands: Spin Doctors, Stephan Eicher, John Hiatt,Gotthard, Bob Geldof + others
 6/29/94 Palacio De Los Deportes,Barcelona, Spain
 6/30/94 Burgos Football Stadium, Spain
*7/1/94 Palacio De Los Deportes, Madrid, Spain
 7/2/94 The Bullring, Gijon, Spain
 7/5/94 Sportplatz Alpenstadion,
Kapfenberg, Austria
 7/6/94 Oberfrankhalle,Bayreuth,Germany
Support: Uriah Heep

*Bootleg recording available.

12/3/93 "The Battle"
12/5/93 "Flying In a Purple Dream"
6/4 + 6/11/94 "Emptiness, Eagles & Snow"
6/10/94 "Smoke On The Mountain"
6/17/94 "A Light From Deep Darkness" aka "Made In Germany"
6/22/94 "Spirit of Freedom" aka "Welcome Joe"
6/24/94 "Surfing With Anya"
6/26/94 "Some Kind of Purple"
7/1/94 "Fireball Over Madrid"

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