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Richie Blackmore IT Consultant!

I've not visited the forum for a good while - nothing new from the band just the endless touring of Machine Head era tunes doesn't cut it for me anymore...but I thought I'd share this little gem that arrived in my inbox at work this morning!

My day job involves managing a complex CRM database and the other day I needed technical support from the software supplier.

I logged a support call via their online portal and look what came back..!

"Note Text:
^WEB^ Can you try creating the addresses using the “Alt.Address” functionality?
1. Setup alternative delivery addresses on a Business relation using the ‘Setup’ button.
2. Copy the alternative address to the quotation again using ‘Setup’ button.
See attached document. I also did mt testing in your CRP company in your test system if you want to look at my data.
Note created on 22/12/11 18:10 by Richard Blackmore

It doesn't solve my problem but looks like RB is moonlighting as a tech support for Microsoft Dynamics!

Merry Christmas!!
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Re: Richie Blackmore IT Consultant!


Merry Christmas!
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