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Re: Before I Forget

I was going to edit,but to show I was wrong,
Jon pm'd me and reminded me that Gillan only sang PW in Japan.
Now that I remember correctly PW wasn't even played at all in Mexico,they didn't do the Lord part,the promoters didn't do a good enough job promoting it as the Concerto and the crowd wasn't expecting this kind of gig at [sign in to see URL] was a lot of booing that night but they went crazy over Dio.
I saw this concert @ Auditorio centro de arte y cultura

OOPS,my mistake once again,they did play PW,
I was pre occupied by some seating problems and wasn't exactly focused completely on the show at that point,sure sounded like Gillan though,one movement from the Concerto was not played that night.
One of the highlights for me was Fools and
Perfect Strangers.

"A working class hero is something to be" emoticon

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