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Re: The New Pope, Joseph Ratzinger


PoshOldSlapper wrote:
Not to be renamed as PriestlyOldShagger - Yet emoticon

Posh, you have a disarming way with words.

I'd worked my way down the posts to this topic only to find you lurking at the bottom with a qualified answer as to why Germany did what it did under Hitler.

The Germans - an intensly proud and obstinate race who when the mood takes them will carry out orders with glee, verve and gusto and always to the letter.

Precision and slavish discipline is where the German psyche's at. Hitler (an Austrian) was clever enough to realise he could insite the German people to new heights of gleeful myopism and all under the guise of acheieving world domination, especially over 'the sods that took it from us' - witness Hitler's elaborate, majesterial posturing in conqured France. He was loving it after what had been perpetrated through the Verasailles Treaty
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