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Re: Online tradelists of the comunity

My updated list

[sign in to see URL]
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Re: Online tradelists of the comunity

My trading list can be found here: [sign in to see URL]

Mainly a Dream Theater trader as can be seen there, but I do have about 150 or so Deep Purple/Rainbow/Whitesnake and related bootlegs as well.

Due to problems with finnish customs awhile ago I've been forced to stop snailmail trading, atleast for the time being, but I do have pretty fast internet connection and I can do SHN/FLAC/APE as well as DVD-R trades online.

All shows have detailed information on setlists, lineage, location and so on, and I've also started grading them though that's still very much in progress. I update the site on almost daily basis.
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Re: Online tradelists of the comunity

My list is now [sign in to see URL] Cheers
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Re: Online tradelists of the comunity

My latest DVD updates are

Zeppelin Earls court 24/5/75 175mins pro shot

DP Doing their thing/Pop deux/Leeds poly project

DP 72/73 Live

DP Vienna 1987

Gary Moore 'MOR' 2003 dvdr from official release

RB Interview 1993 DVD 60 mins
Pink Floyd Pulse earls court 1994, Venic 1989

DP [sign in to see URL],Sweden, Ice-stadium [sign in to see URL] sam-pic Aud 9 1st. PC

DP [sign in to see URL]. Budokan. .94Min Aud 9-9.5 Info Sam-pic PC

Rainbow [sign in to see URL] Aires,Argentina-105 mins-(DVDM,PC)

Whitesnake 1977-1989 clips/videos etc

my email address is pmair_6@[sign in to see URL].

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Re: Online tradelists of the comunity

My updated DVD list as follows:
Black Sabbath Black&Blue (Sabbath part) + various 1981
Black Sabbath Montreal,Canada, 21/10/1983, Aud rec. 1983
Black Sabbath Detroit, MI USA, 22/03/1986, with Glenn Hughes on vocals Aud rec. 1986
Black Sabbath Born Again compilation,(Helsinki 83 8 mm, Zero the hero, trashed, 83 Montreal, 83 Rockpalace) 1993
Black Sabbath Live In Malta 1995, Pron Shot. 1995
Black Sabbath Camden 2004, Rob Halford on vocals, Pro Shot. 2004
Black Sabbath Montreal 4/1/86, MTV Ultraline 6/28/98, CBS Nightwatch 12/5/80 1980-1998
Coverdale/Page Osaka, 20-12-1993 1993
Deep Purple Vienna, 27/06/1985 1985
Deep Purple Paris,France, "(Almost) Perfect In Paris", 09/07/1985 Pro Shot 1985
Deep Purple Koln, 08-02-1987, Full gig 1987
Deep Purple Vienna, 26/07/1987 1987
Deep Purple Helsinki, 1987, 2 DVD 1987
Deep Purple Budapest, 1987 1987
Deep Purple Detroit, MI USA, 08/05/1987 1987
Deep Purple Copenhagen, 27-09-1988, Full gig 1988
Deep Purple Ostrava Czech Rep 04/02/91 (TV recording, Average quality, full gig) 1991
Deep Purple San Paulo, 1991 1991
Deep Purple Wurzburg, Germany, 23/02/1991 1991
Deep Purple Stokholm 01/03/1991 1991
Deep Purple New York 12/04/1991 1991
Deep Purple Oslo, Norway, 15-12-1993 Full gig 1993
Deep Purple Turin, Italy 27-09-1993 1993
Deep Purple Prag, 30-10-1993 1993
Deep Purple Stokholm 13/11/1993 1993
Deep Purple Saarbruecken, 1994-06-16 1994
Deep Purple Gent 18/06/1994 1994
Deep Purple Kiev,Ukrain. Pro Shot 1996
Deep Purple Live At House Of Blues, 28-01-1998, Pro shot 1998
Deep Purple Made in Sofia, 28-11-1998, Pro Shot 1998
Deep Purple Santiago De Chile 31/03/1999-Pro Shot 1999
Deep Purple [sign in to see URL], 17-03-2002, Pro shot 2002
Deep Purple Basel, 14-11-2003, TV Rec. 60 min 2003
Deep Purple Berlin, 20-08-2003 Full Gig, very good recording 2003
Deep Purple London 21/06/2003 2003
Deep Purple New York 01/03/2004 (Aud recording, full gig, EX quality, 3 cameras) 2004
Deep Purple Reno, 02-09-2004, Full Gig 2004
Deep Purple Seoul, Korea, 2004 2004
Deep Purple San Francisco 11/02/2004 2004
Deep Purple Montreux 2004, TV recording 2004
Deep Purple China 31-03-2004 , Pro Shot. 2004
Deep Purple [sign in to see URL] 2004
Deep Purple Istanbul 23/07/2005 (Aud recording, little distant recording but not bad quality, last 3 songs 20 min) 2005
Deep Purple San Paulo, 03-11-2005, Full gig 2005
Deep Purple Dusseldorf, 03/09/2005 2005
Deep Purple Brno, Czech Rep., 22-02-2006 Ex. Recording 60 min 2006
Deep Purple Madrid, 22-01-2006 2 DVD, Full Gig 2006
Deep Purple Rapture Of Tee Vee, Various TV shows mostly from Germany, 60 min very good recording 2005-6
Deep Purple Istanbul 98, Izola 96, Tallin 96 and others, all TV recordings avarage qualities Various
Dio Dragon In Moscow, 16-07-2004 2 DVD 2004
Glenn Hughes San Paulo, 24/11/1999, TV recording 1999
Glenn Hughes Istanbul 02/04/2005 (Aud recording, very good quality, first 4 songs 20 min) 2005
Ian Anderson Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull, Turkish Tour, 30 min various location 2006
Ian Gillan Bucharest, Romania, 13-09-92, Pro shot, very good recording, last gig before re-rejoin Deep Purple. 1992
[sign in to see URL]&Black Crowes Live At The Creek,19-10-1999 1999
Jethro Tull Tampa, USA, 31/07/1976 TULLAVISION 1976
Jethro Tull Golders Green Hippodrome 10-02-1977 Bootleg, TV recording EX quality., 60 min 1977
Jethro Tull In Tribute To J.S. Bach, 16/03/1985 1985
Jethro Tull Ephesus Turkey, 15/07/1991, Full gig, aud. Rec 1991
Jethro Tull First Time in Russia, June 1992, Pro Shot 1992
Jethro Tull Lugano, Switzerland, 09/07/2005 TV Ex rec. 2005
Jethro Tull/Yes Monreux Jazz Festival, 2003, 3 songs by each band, EX recording 2003
Joe Lynn Turner Manisa, Turkey, 2006, 25 min gig with a Turkish guitarist 2006
Jon Lord And Friends Live In Austria, October 1989 1989
Ozzy Osbourne Rockpop Germany 1983, US Festival 1982, Tube UK 1986, Aftyer Hours 1981 1981-1986
Page Plant Rio 27-01-1996 Bootleg, TV recording, EX quality Full gig 1996
Page Plant Koln, Germany, 23-08-1998 1998
Rainbow Live Between The Eyes 1983
Rainbow Japan Tour 1984 1984
Rainbow Dusseldorf 09/10/1995 TV recording 1995
Various Jack Bruce&Taylor Bley 06/06/75, Cozy Powell 01/80, Rainbow Promos 1978 1972-1980
Whitesnake Ludwingshafen, 19/03/1983, TV recording and mores 1983
Whitesnake Donnington 1983, 20-08-1983 1983
Whitesnake Rock In Rio, 11-01-1985 1985
Whitesnake Milan,Italy 07/07/1994, Pro shot, Ex recording. 1994
Whitesnake Buenos Aires, 13-12-1997 plus 2003 and 2004 gigs in south americ. 1997
Whitesnake Wolverhampton, 11-10-2004 2004
Whitesnake Minsk, Russia, 10-11-2004 2004
Whitesnake Reading 2005, 23/07/2005 2005
Whitesnake The Classic Years, 2 DVD, various dates 1977-1983
Deep Purple Bruxelles - 23/03/96, AUD Recording 1996

If you would like to trade please write to me:
tarikburcoglu62@[sign in to see URL]
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