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Re: 2016-2018 Gear


kashmir rock wrote:


BagShotBullets wrote:

Kashmir: Equally it doesn't mean the setup is simple either. there is simply no way to know which it is and due to the difficulties and failure of many people who have tried to emulate it I'd suggest that there is something more complex going on than is obvious. I believe the playing style is entirely in Blackmore's fingers, but not the tone. I think that is a misconception. He will always play the way he plays( his style ) however the tone/sound we hear is driven by the equipment, which perhaps enhances his playing style. His style of playing doesn't change but his tone very definitely does.

I'm with you on this one, it's definitely more complicated than it appears or than Blackmore would let on, but it may have been archived by simple means. Simple, as in easy to replicate, once you know exactly how. Definitely agree his equipment plays a huge role, sound doesn't come from the fingers alone, else everyone would be playing Squire Strats through line6 amps.

Being in possession of a MTC myself I can definitely say, it is not the holy grail when it comes to the tone. It does make quiet the difference tone-wise but there is definitely something missing there. Maybe it is just a small piece of the puzzle or maybe it is not part of it at all. I fear we will never know.


Desperateheart wrote:
Some interesting points again there guys, I’m not sure about this ‘not sounding like himself’ business on the Jackie Lynton recordings a bit echo is usually a feature of his sound too, which IIRC is missing at this show. More importantly as far as I can see, a key element of his sound is no bass, only minimal treble, and most importantly not too much gain. The copyists all use too much.

Yeah, those guys really like to go all out on the treble/presence and gain. What is up with that? It is almost like a common theme among Blackmore-wannabees. Blackers tone is very clean and clear but has huge amounts of sustain. It is smooth but has a very defined edge. Totally unlike anything those guys produce.

I think you are right it's probably not that complicated a setup, but the complication is that the modifications are well hidden and so while all the equipment we see looks very standard, whats in the guitar, amps or the AIWA quite obviously really isn't standard at all hence buying the same gear, just won't even get close to the sound.

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