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2017 in rock!

Studio albums issued this year that we enjoyed, alphabetic order.

1. ARABS IN ASPIC “Syndenes Magi”
2. ASTROLABIO “I paralumi della ragione”
3. AYREON “The source”
5. BLACK STAR RIDERS “Heavy fire”
6. DEEP PURPLE “Infinite”
7. EUROPE “Walk the earth”
8. GOV’T MULE “Revolution come…revolution go”
9. GUNGFLY “On her journey to the sun”
10. HEAVEN & EARTH “Hard to kill”
11. HORISONT “About time”
12. PHIL LANZON "If you think I'm crazy"
12. LUCIFER’S FRIEND “Too late to hate”
13. THE MAGPIE SALUTE “The Magpie salute”
14. MARYGOLD “One light year”
16. MY DYNAMITE “Otherside”
17. PURPENDICULAR “Venus to Volcanus”
18. SIENA ROOT “A dream of lasting peace”
19. STYX “The mission”
21. THRESHOLD “Legends of the shires”
22. THUNDER “Rip it up”
23. WOBBLER “From silence to somewhere”

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Re: 2017 in rock!

 Studio & Live albumsd from 2017:

 Fu Manchu-Gigantoid
 Sepultura-Machine Messiah (cd/dvd)
 Motley Crue-The End-Live In Los Angeles (dvd/ cd)
 Kreator-Gods Of Violence (cd/dvd)
 Black Star Riders-Heavy Fire
 All Them Witches-Sleeping Through The War
 Chickenfoot-Best+ Live (2cd)
 Art Of Anarchy-The Madness
 Mastodon-Emperor Of Sand
 Steel Panther-Lower The Bar
 Deep Purple-inFinite
 Diana Krall-Turn Up The Quiet
 Dead Daisies-Live & Louder (cd& dvd)
 Avatarium-Hurricanes And Halos
 The Night Flight Orchestra-Amber Galactic
 Adrenaline Mob-We The People
 The Ferrymen-s/t
 Rainbow-Live in Birmingham 2016 (2cd)
 Gov't Mule-Revolution Come... Revolution Go (2cd)
 Danzig-Black Laden Crown
 Dream Evil-Six
 Cheap Trick-We're All Alright
 Ezoo-Feeding The Beast
 John 5-Season Of The Witch
 U2-The Joshua Tree (Anniversary Edition) (2cd)
 Sodom-Decision Day
 Chuck Berry-Berry
 Styx-The Mission
 Barb Wire Dolls-Rub My Mind
 Rage-Seasons Of The Black (Ltd Ed) (2cd)
 Venom Inc-Avé
 Tau Cross-Pillar Of Fire
 Rex Brown-Smoke On This...
 Jyrki 69-Helsinki Vampire
 Night Demon-Darkness Remains
 Motörhead-Under Cöver
 The Winery Dogs-Live In Santiago & Beyond (5 discs)
 Arch Enemy-Will To Power
 Living Colour-Shade
 Dead Lord-In Ignorance We Trust
 Black Country Communion-BCCIV
 Kadavar-Rough Times
 Primus-The Desaturating Seven
 Marilyn Manson-Heaven Upside Down
 The Darkness-Pinewood Smile
 Prophets of Rage-s/t
 Revolution Saints-Light In The Dark (cd/ dvd)
 Pänzer-Fatal Command
 Robert Plant-Carry Fire
 Biters-The Future Ain't What It Used To Be
 Iron Monkey-9-13
 Jeff Beck-Live At The Hollywood Bowl (2cd/ dvd)
 Vuur-In This Moment We Are Free-Cities
 Whitesnake-1987 (30th Anniversary) (4cd/ dvd)
 NIN-Add Violence
 Europe-Walk The Earth
 Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown-s/t
 George Michael-Listen Without Prejudice/ Unplugged (2cd)
 Vandenberg's Moonkings-MKII
 Cheap Trick-Christmas Christmas
 Cavalera Conspiracy-Psychosis
 Black Sabbath-The End (2cd)
 Iron Maiden-The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter (2cd)
 Electric Wizard-Wizard Bloody Wizard
 Deep Purple-Infinite Live Recordings
 Annihilator-For The Demented
 Destruction-Thrash Anthems II
 Rush-A Farewell To Kings (40th Anniversary) (3cd)
 U2-Songs Of Experience
 Blues Pills-Live In Paris

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