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Hard Rock Hell III, Prestatyn, Wales 4-5 dec. 2009

With ‘Hard Rock Hell’ franchise entering its third festival 4th /5th December 2009, its increasing popularity with every self respecting metalhead has once again proved the viability of having a live indoor festival in the UK and the on going hard core support rock and metal continues to enjoy.
Flitting between the 3 stages in the Pontins holiday complex proves an entertaining and varied experience, and theres certainly a lot of variety with the 40 odd bands booked for the two days, with the shouty young guns complimented by the wizened road warriors of good old ‘meat and two veg’ classic rock.

Of the newer bands Black Spiders were brilliant; buoyed by a strong following support the mix of Black Sabbath, Guns 'N Roses and stoner rock promises much for the future- one to watch out for!!
Sons Of Marriot were another of the heavier groups on offer that seemed to click with the audiences, their dynamics lifting them above the more simple riff merchants.
Attica Rage- another of the old sweats who really shook the place with a short but sharp set-superb!

Pig Iron showcased some chunky Sabbath- influences tinged with a bit of blues, while( once you’d managed to stop drooling) Girlschool raised the bar with some deftly performed classic rock popular with the crowd.- and was there a better looking guitarist on show than Jackie Chambers?
I’ve never been a big fan of 80’s big hair glam but my God Tigertailz proved the biggest surprise of the weekend, a blistering set full of good time sing-alongs from their ‘Berserker’ album , and encoring with ‘Ace of Spades’ backed by the Girlschool mob!
The Quireboys injected a bit of Stones’ blues and R&B into proceedings, with very much a greatest hits package.

Scottish rockers Logan kicked things off in the main stage area on the Friday in consummate style, their hard edged commerciality winning friends from the sparse but attentive throng. Gun continued in much the same vein, and the strength of their songs coupled with the charisma of singer Toby Jepson must have made the band thank the day they managed to recruit the ex Little Angels front man. Ratt were never one of my personal favourites even in their heyday, but full of fizz and attitude they pass off entertainingly enough.

Terrorvision were at first glance a strange band to have perform but they took no prisoners, a deft change of pace from the usual harder direction serving to freshen things up.
WASP were up next. Blackie Lawless & Co., shorn of their infamous stage show visuals of previous decades, had to rely on the extensive if patchy back catalogue of material. Stand out track was the brilliant ‘The Idol’, although this merely served to contrast with the lower quality of some of the songs. The main stage area was however packed and the band arguably took the honours as the most eagerly anticipated.

Strange then that the crowd had noticeably thinned for the Saturday headliners Queensryche. Basing the show (as with the US tour of 2009) around the ‘Rage For Order’, ‘American Soldier’ and ‘Empire’ albums; it was all quality stuff, if sounding a little disjointed in the live environment. Since Chris Degarmo’s departure Geoff Tate’s remains the undoubted focal point of the band, who seem to blend into the background somewhat. Full marks for the vocals, is there a better front man around at the moment? As for the New York Dolls?....oh dear…..a bit of a train crash to these ears.
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Re: Hard Rock Hell III, Prestatyn, Wales 4-5 dec. 2009

Thanks Roy!
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