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Purple fan

Registered: 09-2003
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River Deep Mountain High video - DP

Apologies if you've seen this already

and Kentucky Woman, too.

crap sound and video, but you can't have everything!

"I play the way I do because it allows me to come up with the sickest sounds possible. That's the point now isn't it?"
Jeff Beck
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Dominant 7th #9

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Re: River Deep Mountain High video - DP

Ah Crap!! See now? You went and pissed off Mister You-Tube, and he took our fun away.

Don't you hate that when it happens?

I often wonder how thousands upon thousands of other songs get recorded on youtube by people all over the world, and fly under the "copyright infringement" radar, but ya' post a Purple song....and sure as the sun sets in the west, it's gonna' get pulled one of these days?

Who's got nothing better to do with their time, than troll around looking for illegally posted videos?

Live and let live! The music is 40 freakin' years old, it was a shitty remake of a classic Ike and Tina Turner song to begin with, and no one from Purple is making a dime off of it anyway.

So who the hell cares if someone posted this illegally to Youtube?

I hate ASCAP and RIAA's guts!!!! They are the symbolic "bully on the playground", of copyright law.

Reminds me of the time I read a story over how a small INDEPENDENT daycare facility in Florida (with no ties to the Florida public school system), was threatened with a law suit from Walt Disney Corporation, for having paintings of Disney characters on the walls of the school where the children played-- which were hand-painted by volunteer parents-- without prior consent of the Disney company.

Give me a break!!!! There's letter of the law, and then there's just plain old being a dick about it!

Dartagan, sorry they did this to you.

John O'Flaherty
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