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THS Vs. Runboard DP Fan Forum

I had fun on the 'old' THS board.

I was shocked and mortified when it went down. What a downer.

So what great joy to be notified of new life provided by this site emoticon

I looked over and signed on to the 'new' THS site.

The set-up doesnt come across as 'warm' or 'friendly', whatever that means.

Again, I am thankful for this site.

And all DP sites.

We can visit them all emoticon
Though I need to work on my spanish, polish, german, etc...

To break it down and say there are only 2 DP forums is off by a million emoticon .

THS and this site are certainly the best English sites.

After the forums on THS went down, I accepted THS as one of the top spots to go for current information on the band and various related artists.

This site is for us- the fan.

Though I will certainly be on the THS site, you always will find me here!

Edge- Here! emoticon
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